Monday, March 31, 2008

Moving to Wordpress :-)

Hello Everyone.

Well, I know this blog kind of just up and died on you, but, I'm going to attempt a full revitalisation. I've got a hosting plan sorted, and I'm moving to a full on wordpress situation. The blog may be a bit of a shambles for a while, but hopefully this will mean that I myself take the blog more seriously and keep it more up to date.

I don't really know the length of time that this process will take, but it should be exciting enough for me and you, the readers, and that means more tips, reviews, comments et al. We shall see :-)

Hope you're well,

Charlie -

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

a new member to the team

Hello Readers,

Well, I'm sure the inactivity pages that make up 'The AP Blog' have been noticed, and trust me, I've noticed too. I have just been overwhelmed by so much activity, in School, real life, and everything in between. But, I think we can hopefully think that this blog is going to get a much-needed kick start in the very near future.

A great friend that I met on Flickr, some time ago, John March, is going to be joining the AP blog. His work is some of my favourite work on Flickr, particularly his interesting techniques whilst taking photos, and also in Photoshop for post-processing. He will be able to provide some stark enthusiasm and incredible talent and teaching to this blog. And I think it is going to be a great success.

I'm sure you will hear from him near enough. Enjoy when you do. Check out his photos on Flickr, HERE.

Hope you're all doing good. Charlie -

Thursday, June 21, 2007

pairing images for effect

You may often see photographs, or rather pairs of photographs which just click together. The decision making is often a tough one for photographers, and I will go over the ways in which to go into making what is often referred to as a 'diptych', ie. two photos in one image, or two in one frame if that's how you work!

Let me start with an example of one of my photographs. This one was taken in a field near my house, and I really like it:

This example of photograph pairing is very simple, and in my opinion one of the most effective forms of this, and that is, 'looking at the same subject, from a different perspective or distance'.

I'd say that this is the most common type of pairing that you will see, and when you are out shooting some photos, I urge you to have a look at the same subject again, and see if you could shoot it again from another angle, that would complement the previous. I feel that there are often potential pictures that appeal, or even scream to be shot twice and then paired up.

Another example of this double shot of the same subject, could be this fabulous photograph from 'notraces', a lovely shot:

This is a simple shot, of the front, and back of the same car, which is of amazing depth and simplicity, but yet, something unachievable in a regular photograph.


The next area of this subject is what I can only describe as, 'pairing subjects'. This often means things of the same colours, such as a shiny dark blue car, and a beautifully dark blue sky with fluffy clouds, or a brown and reddish plant, and dead leaves on the ground. Furthermore, the photographs could be of a linking subject, such as winter, or flowers.

This is quite difficult to describe, and so I feel this photograph from 'rebeccamissing' will do the job just fine. It is entitled, 'the language of winter' and is a beautiful pairing of photos:

The complementing colours, and the matching subjects make for a simple superb photograph here, the subject in hand is clearly winter, and the photo is a wonderful pairing of two common subjects of wintertime.

The reason that this photo is particularly notable, is that although the photos look great individually, pairing the two brings out detail that you may not have noticed previously, and makes us link the two together.


This post has come to a somewhat sudden end, however I feel that I have enlightened you into the prospects of pairing images together. You can pair them together in software such as Photoshop and Gimp, and if you even want, Paint, they'll all do.

So I urge you to think about next time, what photos would look nice together, not just how they look on their own, it is a less walked path, but it is one that I find, much more rewarding.

Hope you're well,

Charlie -

Site Update!

Hey Reader,

You may notice some changes around here! I got very fed up with default blogger settings and options so decided to go all out and start making my own stuff. Hope you like the new design, I love it personally. Any comments let me know!

I am pretty much done in the respect of overly busy school work, but that won't mean I'm completely free, I've got a separate project which may coincidentally contribute to this, but we'll see, it shall be interesting, and I'm sure you'll love it!

Hope you're well!

Charlie -